How Many 1964 1/2 Mustangs Are Left?

How Many 1964 1/2 Mustangs Are Left?

A Frequently Asked Question

The Ford Mustang was introduced April 17, 1964. The first models produced are referred to as a "1964 1/2" model, but are technically a 1965 model which appears on the title. They are also known as an "early '65", which is a more accurate description. Only the coupe and convertible were available as early 1965 models. A total of 121,538 early '65 (a.k.a.: "64 1/2") Mustangs were produced between March and August of 1964, with an additional 437,913 were built as "late 1965" models.

In June of 1964, the "Hi-Po" 289 V8 was unveiled. This engine was equipped with solid lifters and a number of upgraded engine components to deliver 271 horsepower. A modified version of this engine with 306 HP powered the legendary 1965 Shelby GT350 to victory in FIA racing.

Beginning in August of 1964, many upgrades were incorporated into the late '65 Mustangs which included replacing the 260 cubic inch V8 and with the 289, and the fastback body style was introduced. There were more changes between the early '65 model and the late '65 model than there were between the '65 and '66 model Mustangs.

Unfortunately, the exact number of 1965 and 1966 fastbacks, coupes, and convertibles produced, along with their production history, have been lost to time. The late Lois Eminger, an administrative assistant in Ford's legal department, saved some records which are available for a good number of early Thunderbirds, and a handful of Mustangs. You can find production history, beginning with 1967 models, from Kevin Marti.